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TFI is best described as a school for Christian Filmmakers. It's often said, “Image is everything,” well at TFI we believe the message behind the image is everything.

TFI is a one of a kind learning opportunity designed to bring Christians who have a calling in the visual arts together. The camaraderie, sense of community and purpose; a true body of Christ paradigm which results from the collaborative work on films and television is a highly rewarding way to create visual art. TFI exists to pass on both the insight and the technique necessary to make a quality film or television shows from start to finish.

The TFI team believes the conservatory model provides the optimum setting for craft masters to come alongside promising novices and guide them in the skills, the artistic reasoning, and the faith justification, to communicate God through a digital art form. 

We have longed for an opportunity to take all that we have learned both spiritually and professionally in our craft and apply it to fellow artists striving to use film/storytelling for the great commission.

A Christian media school dedicated to promoting the Gospel of Jesus through media. Training and equipping Media Missionaries to lift up the name of Jesus through the use of  TV and Film. 

The inspiration for TFI comes from a 50-year-old Film Evangelism tradition of Worldwide Pictures, please see the film below. The goal of TFI is to launch new film companies all around the world who are committed to Redemptive filmmaking.

Mission Statement -

We exist to help young artists utilize the creative medium of film, to impact humanity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Vision –

The purpose of this Institute is to raise up an army of evangelists whose mode of communication is filmmaking. Artists with vision and purpose, who are passionate about their faith and skilled in their storytelling abilities.

This Institute aims to become a place where creative ideas become light in dark places. Ideas awakened by purpose, empowered by love and fueled with hope.

Transformation Institute is a place where dreams find direction.


Our mission is to support the Great Commission we have as believers, while still moving progressively within our sphere of influence. To create film projects that strive to point the world to what we call the God question (Christ) first and then provide compelling storytelling and entertainment second. To eventually create a film brand and a lasting legacy of evangelistic work in various types of film genre.

To provide support to the Christian artist and a means by which their work can be utilized for the advancement of the kingdom message. To also provide a consortium of like-believers who will encourage and support one another while working as a community on various projects and programs.

The TFI  model is modern ministry organized to offer Christian filmmakers an unprecedented opportunity. A learning institute where students and professionals work side by side, growing, sharing and promoting their faith in their own contemporary culture.

Providing a platform for the next generation of film evangelists to go out into the world and share the gift of their faith through Redemptive Filmmaking.


We believe the Bible is God’s standard and measurement for believers.

We believe in a personal experience of salvation by faith in the name of Jesus and obedience to his word.

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the operation of spiritual gifts.

We believe in worldwide evangelism by preaching, teaching, healing and all modes of current communication especially as it relates to the art of filmmaking.

We believe in personal holiness and being distinctively different from the accepted norms of the world.

We recognize that all true believers regardless of denomination and organization are baptized by one Spirit into one Body, thus fulfilling Christ prayer for unity.